vendredi 23 décembre 2011

Matthew Mayfield chez SerialBox

SerialBox Presents: MATTHEW MAYFIELD from SerialBox Presents on Vimeo.

A Multi-cam, Multi-track, live, One-Take performance video featuring Matthew Mayfield. No pick-ups, over-dubs, or comps. What you see and hear is one time through, mistakes and all.

For the full session with more songs, interview, images, and artwork, visit:

Music by:
Matthew Mayfield (

Music performed by:
Matthew Mayfield


Directed by:
Micah Bickham (
Produced by:
Ryan Booth (



Micah Bickham
Daniel Karr
Zach McNair
Ben Wyman

Edited by: Micah Bickham
Graded by: Cody Bess
Titles by: Tyler Swanner & Ryan Booth
Photos by: Micah Bickham

Engineered by: Jay Snider
Mixed by: Jay Snider
Mastered by: Daniel Karr

samedi 13 août 2011

Now The Rabbit Has The Gun

mercredi 1 juin 2011

The Damnwells - acoustiques gratuits

vendredi 22 avril 2011

Say - The Less

samedi 2 avril 2011

Matt Nathanson

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